Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making habits stick

Much of the weight I have lost in 2013 happened in the year's first three months. So now that we're in October, that means I've succeeded in keeping it off for about six months. Which means good habits have stuck with me!

Many people have asked, "What's your secret?" or "How have you done it?" And there hasn't been any special tricks, pills or anything like that to help me lose 35 pounds. Just a change in habits. For example:

-- Instead of always having ice cream in the freezer and eating a bowl just about every night, I try to have it around just occasionally, and eat it for special treats instead of a nightly snack.
-- Exercise. Instead of going at it hard for a couple weeks and then giving up, I've been able to make it to the gym 3-4 times a week pretty consistently. And when a week goes by where I only worked out once, or maybe not at all, I brush it off and convince myself to get back on track.
-- Beverages. Very little pop, and LOTS of water. It's that simple. I've been trying to drink 60-100 ounces of water each day, and I enjoy a pop once or twice a month.
-- Smaller portions. This was probably the hardest change, but I've convinced myself that I was eating too much.  Two burgers for dinner was excessive, for example. I've just learned to stop.
-- Making healthy eating fun. This has been the most enjoyable part of it, finding fun ways to eat good food. Like homemade smoothies instead of ice cream. Enjoying a variety of fruits and veggies, such as asparagus tonight for dinner and taking advantage of apples while they are in season.

So what I've learned is that long-term good health isn't about any one certain thing. It's pulling together a number of changes. And for close to a year now, I've bought into it.

Good health to you!