Friday, March 27, 2015

Hey! She's eating my spinach!

Sometime in the last year, I developed a liking for fresh spinach. A friend convinced me that iceberg lettuce did nothing for my health and that spinach provided some awesome nutrients.

I tried it, and pretty quickly got hooked. Nice texture and fit well with the veggies that I like to include in my salads. And I also found that I liked it on sandwiches or in wraps.

And this was an easy staple to keep in the house, because all of my family members turned up their nose at the sight of it. So I could buy a bag of it and be confident that I would either eat it from the first leaf to the last, or I would throw away the end of the bag if it started rotting before I could get to it.

And then one night, while making Dawn a smoothie she requested, I added a few leafs of spinach to the peaches, strawberries, yogurt and flax seed that she ordered.


I blended it up fine, and she .... hated it? Oh no, she enjoyed it just like usual, without noticing the extra ingredient. I told her after the fact. She was impressed with my skills. Or at least satisfied that it didn't affect the taste of her yummy treat.

So fast-forward a few weeks, to the point where Dawn had made the decision to switch to some healthier eating choices in her life. She's using this product to make a daily "shake" (a shake that's not as good as my smoothies, but I digress) and has decided to add some of her own ingredients to help her get in the suggested daily amounts of veggies.

So what veggies is she mixing into her "shake?" Yep, Spinach. MY spinach!! What is going on? The Beebe home now runs out of spinach? Talk about a lifestyle change.

(She is taking it to a new level by blending spinach AND cauliflower into her healthy mix.)

But I'm not the stingy type, especially when it comes to something as healthy as spinach. There's plenty to go around, and I'm happy to buy a second bag of the green stuff halfway through the week. In fact, I'm THRILLED that I have someone to eat spinach with me!!!

Next step: Convincing her how delicious it is when you put salmon and spinach in a wrap.

OK, now I'm crazy. No WAY she'll eat salmon with me.